Scholarship Details


Deserving students can avail of several scholarships awarded by the Government of Karnataka. Here is a list of the scholarships and the corresponding applications that can be obtained from the Admission and Scholarship section during the month of September every year.

  • Post Metric Scholarship to SC/STs
  • Fee-reimbursements to SC/STs
  • Fee- a concession to Category-l, II, and III
  • Extra boarding and lodging allowance to Category-I, II, & III
  • Defense Scholarship

Click here to view list of scholarships provided by Alumni members of this college

Any other issues related to Scholarship may contact the Student Welfare Office(SWO) during working hours.


For any further information/help queries, the contact person is:

Dr. S N Ravishankar

Dean (Student Affairs)

Contact no: 8277451424