NOTE: Results will be made as TAL for the students having dues like fees/hostel bills etc.  Once TAL is announced, a removal fee of Rs. 500/- will be charged for removal of TAL Tag


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Date: 23-07-2021 / SEE  Final Timetable (Revised) View here

Date: 22-07-2021 / SOP for SEE2021(Offline)  View here

Date: 09-07-2021 / SEE OPEN Choice   View here

Date: 05-07-2021 / Semester End Examination 2021 Information  View here


 Supplementary Exam Room Allotment -2022

25-11-2022 Afternoon

26-11-2022 Afternoon

28-11-2022 Afternoon
29-11-2022 Afternoon
30-11-2022 Afternoon
01-12-2022 Afternoon
02-12-2022 Afternoon
03-12-2022 Afternoon
05-12-2022 Afternoon
06-12-2022 Afternoon


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