Hareesha M.

Assistant Professor (Faculty ID: 1-480708029)

B.E., M.Tech.



B.E., M.Tech.

Assistant Professor (Faculty ID: 1-480708029)
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Interational Conference

1) ‘Development on graphene based polymer composite materials & their applications – a recent review ’, International Conference on Advanced Trends in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 7th to 9th Nov. 2019, Dayanandasagar University , Bengaluru

National Journal

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International Journal

1) 'Modification of Abrasive wear testing machine and Testing of materials’, IJSR, Vol.3, Issue 10, Oct. 2014


Thermal Engineering, Composite Materials


PO's and PSO's  

Attended : 20

Two week AICTE Sponsored FDP on  ‘Light weight structures for Engineering applications through composites and topology optimization’ From 27th Jan. to  7th Feb. 2020 at GEC, Hassan.

Two days 3rd  International workshop on ‘ Compact heat exchangers for Aerospace  Applications’ From 2nd to 3rd Jan. 2020 at Dayananda sagar university , Bengaluru`

One week AICTE Sponsored short term training programme on  ‘Recent developments in Renewable energy sources and conversion systems for on/off grid applications’ From 9th to  14th Dec. 2019 at MCE, Hassan

One week FDP on  ‘Research opportunities and challenges in advance materials and manufacturing’ From 17th to 22th Dec.2018 at MCE, Hassan.

One week FDP on  ‘Recent developments in solar & wind energy system for on/off grid applications’ From May 9th to  13th july 2018 at MCE, Hassan

05 days workshop ‘Advanced mathematical tools in engineering applications’FromJuly 2th to 6th 2018at MCE, Hassan

05 days FDP ‘Total quality management’FromMay 28th to June 01th  2018at MCE, Hassan

05 days FDP ‘Challenges in Non- Conventional Energy Sources’FromApril 9th to 13th 2018at MCE, Hassan

05 days FDP on ‘Emerging Trends in Materials and Manufacturing Technology’February 27th  to March 3rd  2017at MCE, Hassan

03 days FDP on ‘Advanced materials characterization Techniques’. From 13th march to 15th  ,2017 At CMTI, Bangalore, Karnataka.


Organized : 03

05 days FDP on  ‘Design of Thermal system ’From August 27 to31st 2018 at  Department of Mechanical Engineering,MCE, Hassan

02 days workshop on  ‘Analytical methods in engineering Research ’From March 21st to22nd 2017at Department of Mechanical Engineering,MCE, Hassan

Malnad College of Engineering