Vice Chairman Message

I welcome you all to M C E, Hassan. This handbook will serve as a guide to familiarize you with your rights and responsibilities as a student of this college. It describes our services, rules & regulations, besides contains all other important information that will serve as a point of reference throughout your college years.
Our mission is to enable the students to develop their individual potential by acquiring knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become successful participants in the world today and tomorrow. The success of a student in college requires some thoughtful planning and commitment. Hard work and regular attendance is a must.
The handbook 2019-2020 is intended to provide a brief, concise and understandable overview of all the important issues regarding curriculum planning and information about our autonomous programs. I wish all the students a very useful career in college.


Sri C M Thimmappa Gowda
Hon. Vice-Chairman,
Governing Council,
Malnad College of Engineering,