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Dr. M. B. Jagadeesha

Professor & Head





Position held

Professor & Head


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International Journal

1. Kinetics of oxidation of Indigocarmine by N-sodio-N-Bromotoluene sulfonamide in acidic buffer medium. S.Ananda, M.B.Jagadeesha, B.M.Venkatesha , N.M.Madegowda. International Journal of Chemical kinetics (IJCK), 29,453-459,1997(USA).

2. Ruthenium (III) catalyzed oxidation of Aliphatic primary amines by Bromamine-T in hydrochloric acid medium: A kinetic study, S.Ananda,  M.B.Jagadeesha , Puttaswamy,  N.M.Madegowda, Synthesis & reactivity in inorganic and metal- organic chemistry (SRIMC).27(8),1093-1113 ,1997 (USA).

3. Kinetics of oxidation of cysteine by Bromamine-T in H2SO4 medium .M.B. Jagadeesha,  S.Ananda & M.G.Ramananda, Asian Journal of Chemistry, vol 10 ,no. 4 ,937-946 ,1998, (India)

4. Kinetics of Ruthenium (III) catalyzed oxidation of amides by Sodium-N-Bromotoluene Sulfonamide in Hydrochloric acid medium. S .Ananda  M.B Jagadeesha and K.M.Lokanath Rai.  Synthesis and reactivity in inorganic and metal-organic chemistry .29(1),1-21, 1999 (USA)

5. Oxidation of Aspirin by N-Sodio-N-Bromobenzenesulphonamide (Bromamine-B) in acid medium:A kinetic and mechanistic study.S.Ananda, M.G.Ramananda, M.B.Jagadeesha and Puttaswamy, Asian journal of chemistry.vol 11 No.1, 23-28,1999 ,(India)

6. Oxidation of cysteine by sodium-N-chlorotoluenesulfonamide (1hloramines-T) in HCl and H2SO4 media : A kinetic and mechanistic study. Ravi.J. Saldana, Ananda, .B. M. Venkatesha, .B. Jagadeesha. Oxidation communication , 22 ,  No.3,464-472 ,1999 (Bulgaria)

7. Kinetic and Mechanistic Studies of  Some Aliphatic Amines, Oxidation  by Sodium-NBromo-p-toluenesulfonamide in hydrochloric acid medium. S. Ananda, M..B. Jagadeesha,  Puttaswamy,  B.M. Venkatesha,  T.K. Viand, N. M. Madegowda. International journal of chemical kinetics 32 (12),776-786,2000 (USA).

8. Mechanistic investigation of  the oxidation of indoles with Bromamine-T In alkaline medium catalyzed by Os(VIII) H. Ramachandra, K.S.Rangappa, D. S. Mahadevappa, M. B. Jagadeesha. Oxidation communication 22 No.2, 248-258, 1999 (Bulgaria).

9. Kinetics of oxidation of gabapentin (neurontin) by chloramines – T in perchloric acid medium.K.Mohan & M.B.Jagadeesha. Indian Journal of Chemistry Vol.47- A, August 2008,pp. 1226-1229(India). 



Research Interest

Chemical Kinetics 


PO's and PSO's  


1. 32nd  Annual convention of chemists 1995. University of Rajastan, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

2. Conference on recent advances in Physical organic Chemistry. March 1996. Madurai Kamaraj University Virudhunagar, Madras

3. 16th Conference Indian Council of Chemists November 1997. mangalore University, mangalore, Karnataka.   

4. 8th International conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry July- August 1997. Yokohma, japan. 

5. 3rd National symposium on correlation analysis September 1998 University of Mysore, Mysore

6. 3rd National Conference on Polymers, SJCE Mysore, 15 - 16 April 2005

7. 5th international Chemistry conference Singapore, on surfaces & catalysis from 16th -19th December 2007 

8. Organometallic Chemistry International Conference held on 8th - 11th March 2009 at Antigua and Barbuda, West Indies.

9. UGC sponsored National conference on recent trends in Chemistry (RTC- 2011) on 16th & 17 th Sept. 2011, PES College of Science, Arts and Commerce, Mandya, Karntaka.

10. International Medicinal Chemistry Conference held on 2nd- 5th March 2012 at Lanzarote(Spain). 

11. UGC sponsored state level seminar on modren techniques in chemical and Biochemical analysis ( MTCBA-2014) held on 10th Sept. 2014. A V Kanthamma College for women, Hassan.

12. National level conference on emerging trends in Nano- Chemistry (NCETNC- 2017) held on 2nd Feb. 2017, MMK & SDM Mahila Maha Vidyalaya, Mysore-4

13. Materials for Advanced Technological Applications. Dr. A. I.T. Bangalore. 7th – 17th July 2003. 

14. Recent Trends in Material Science and Mathematical Modelling. S. J. C.E. Mysore,  28th July to 9th August 2003.

15. Roll of polymers in Engineering Applications. S.J.C.E, Mysore 15th – 28th May 1995 

16. Two phase flow in pipe lines, University of Roorkee, Roorkee, 20.6.1996 to 4. 7. 1996 

17. Refresher course in Chemistry  University of Mysore, Mysore. 7.11.1994. to     3. 12. 1994 

18. Radio chemistry & Applications of Radioisotops, University of Mysore, Mysore, 27.11.1995 to 4. 12. 1995

19. Advances in surface treatment techniques, M.C.E. Hassan, 11 – 23rd March 1996

20. State level work shop on revised syllabus in Engineering Chemistry 2006 – 2007, BVBCE Hubli September 09, 2006

21. Short term Course on Tracer Studies, NITTTR Chennai 06.11.06 to 10.11.06

22. Student Evaluation Methods in autonomous institutions, MCE Hassan, 09.02.07 to 10.02.07

23. Workshop on “ Managerial capacity Building” from 10th to 14th July 2007 at Dr. AIT, Bangalore in collaboration with ISQT Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

24. TEQIP-II sponsored workshop  on mind Ur mindTm at Hassan on 23rd March 2013.

25. TEQIP-II sponsored workshop  on deriving program educational objectives from 1113 th July  2013 at Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan

26. Continuing education and quality improvement programmes ( CE & QIP) on End to End Inovation, IIT Bombay, March 07-11, 2017.

27. Research methodology and Intellectual property Rights (RMAIPR-17), MCE, Hassan 23rd - 25 th march 2017. 7

Ph D Guidance