Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

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About Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

The Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering (formerly known as Instrumentation Technology) came in to existence in the year 1984 by then visionaries in the management and authorities of the college. It was started as an offshoot of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering has been accredited by NBA under tier-1 during 2017-2020 & 2020-2023. The department has conducted many AICTE/TEQIP sponsored workshops. Our Staff members are specialized in thrust areas of technology and updating their knowledge by attending conferences, workshops and short-term courses. 

The Department has been renamed as Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering from 2014 by VTU. Degree will be awarded to all successful students admitted from the year 2014 as    Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering.

Programmes Offered: Bachelor Degree in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering with intake of 60, plus 10% lateral entry students. The Department attained autonomous status in year 2007-08. 

Facilities in the Department: The Department has a dedicated computer center with all systems networked through LAN. Our Department Lab facility includes Instrumentation, Process Control, Control System, Digital IC’s, Data conversion, Electronics Circuits, Analog IC’s, VHDL, Microprocessor, Micro-controller and DSP Labs. The students of some departments are carrying out their laboratories in our department. The department is running its own library, having more than 1200 volumes to cater the needs of staff and students of the department. 

Consultancy Service Offered in the Department: ICT-Phase-II (a dream project of the Government of Karnataka) inspection program, headed by the HOD and Staff of the department are actively participating to proliferate computer literacy among rural students. 

The results of the department are extremely good and have won a gold medal hatrick in the University examinations. A  AICTE MODROBs worth 6.00 Lakhs has been obtained & a Research Project worth 5.00 Lakhs is sponsored by VTU, Belagavi . The department has organized many AICTE and TEQIP programmes for the faculty and students periodically.

Dr. C. M. Naveen Kumar

Assistant Professor & HoD
Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering



  • The department will be a Centre of excellence for Electronics and Instrumentation studies driven by research, in association with industry and society.


  • To augment infrastructure in emerging technologies.
  • To provide student centered environment for effective learning by giving hands-on experience.
  • To develop research culture and create facilities for transforming idea into products to cater to society and industrial needs.
  • To collaborate with industry, academia and research organizations for contribution to the higher order learning and research.
  • To prepare students to meet the challenges of dynamic industrial requirements and higher education.