Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering Activities

S.No Year Activities
1. 2023-2024

Name of the Event : Idea Harvest 24, AURA 3.0

Date: 27th April 2024

A Project Expo

2. 2023-2024

Name of the Event: 2-day Hands on workshop on IoT “From Concepts to Reality: Connecting the Dots”
Date: 13th and 14th February 2024
Workshop is conducted for Computer Science and Engineering Students

3. 2023-2024

Name of the Event:EXPERT TALK ON “An Introduction & Overview of SAP”
Date: 3rd FEBRUARY 2024
Workshop  is conducted for Computer Science and Engineering Students

4. 2023-2024

Name of the Event:"FIGMA" Workshop
Date: 18th January  2024
Workshop  is conducted for 5th semester students

5. 2023-2024

Name of the Event:Cloud Computing Talks
Date: 27th and 28th November 2023.
Workshop  is conducted for 7th semester students

6. 2023-2024

Name of the Event:Full Stack Development Workshop
Date: 6th December 2023.
Full Stack Development Workshop Conducted for 5th semester students

7. 2022-2023

Name of the Event: “IoT: Recent Trends and Applications Development”

Date: 22nd and 23rd December, 2022.

This workshop was to enlighten students to learn the practical knowledge about Internet of Things (IoT) and their applications in a real world environment

8. 2022-2023

Name of the Event:Student Cyber Outreach Program
Date: 5th August 2023.
Cyber Outreach Program was conducted on 5th August 2023 for CS&E students .
This event was organized to bring awareness about cyber attacks and cyber security

9. 2022-2023

Name of the Event:Inauguration of  IEEE Computer Society Student Branch Chapter
Date: on 22nd July 2023.

IEEE Computer Society Student Branch Chapter was inaugurated by  Dr. Prasanth Mishra, Chair, IEEE Computer Society,Bengaluru on 22nd July 2023.

Benefits of forming an IEEE Student Branch :
Opportunities to network on a local level
Free website hosting
Obtain funding for events and projects
Develop projects and obtain sponsorship based on your IEEE affiliation

10. 2022-2023

Name of the Event:"Young Entrepreneurs Meet   AURA2.0" State Level Project Expo

Date: 19th June 2023

The Young Entrepreneurs Meet -AURA2.0 State Level Project Expo held on 19th June 2023 was an exceptional showcase of innovation and talent. 
This highly anticipated event brought together a total of 44 captivating projects, divided equally into 22 hardware and 22 software projects

11. 2022-2023

Name of the Event: "Workshop on LaTeX"

Date: 24th March, 2023

Workshop on LaTeX was conducted for final year students to provide a hands-on demonstration of how to create project and seminar reports.

12. 2022-2023

Name of the Event:"Expert Talk on Industry 4.0"

Date: 28th February, 2023

Expert Talk on Industry 4.0 by Prof. Amarendra H J. The talk focuses on various aspects of Industry 4.0. Manufacturers are integrating new technologies, including Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and analytics, and AI and machine learning into their production facilities and throughout their operations.

13. 2022-2023

Name of the Event:“Computer Technology from Sand to Consumer World"

Date: 22nd & 23rd , February 2023

Technical Talk on “Computer Technology from Sand to Consumer World – 22nd & 23rd , February 2023” by  Prof. Suresh Babu. Overview on digital logic circuits was given

14. 2022-2023

Name of the Event:"Expert Talk on Up skill –Reskill –Upscale-Repeat"

Date: 21st  February, 2023

Expert Talk on Up skill –Reskill –Upscale-Repeat on 21st  February, 2023 by Mr.Nishanth H N, Alumnus

15. 2022-2023

Name of the Event:"Beyond Boundaries"

Date: 10th and 11th of February 2023

The workshop aimed to build circuits using VR and integrate the same with hardware.

16. 2022-2023

Name of the Event:"A Professional journey of an Alumnus and Future Career Demands"

Date:4th January 2023

Our proud alumnus Ramesh R. Bale (1983 Batch), Associate Director, KPMG, Canberra, Australia delivered this talk. 

17. 2022-2023

Name of the Event:"RESEARCH CONCLAVE"

Date:26th November 2022

Organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering in association with IEEE Circuits and Systems society. This event witnessed poster presentation of innovative research projects.

18. 2021-2022

Name of the Event:College To Corporate (C2C)

Date:29th January 2022

No. of students participated: 110 (2nd year students)

The College to Corporate (C2C) event bridged the gap between academia and industry, equipping participants with the necessary skills and insights to smoothly transition from college life to the corporate world, enhancing their employability and readiness for professional success.

19. 2021-2022

Name of the Event:Walkthrough Session On “Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence” 

Date:26th February 2022,

No. of students participated:100(4th year students)

The walkthrough session provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of these transformative technologies, enabling them to explore their applications, opportunities, and potential impacts across diverse industries.

20. 2021-2022

Name of the Event: LaTeX

Date:08th April 2022

No. of students participated:87 (3rd year students)

The LaTeX event equipped participants with the necessary skills to create professional and visually appealing project report, fostering efficient and elegant document preparation in various academic and technical domains.

21. 2021-2022

Name of the Event:Two days’ workshop On Concepts of computer networks

Date:13th & 14th May 2022

No. of students participated:78 (3rd year students)

The workshop enhanced participants' understanding of networking fundamentals, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to design, troubleshoot, and optimize computer networks for efficient data communication and connectivity.

22. 2020-2021

Name of the Event:Expert Talk On An Unorthodox Guide For A Software Professional 

Date:17th March 2021

No. of students participated:50 (2nd year students)

The expert talk on an unorthodox guide for a software professional provided unique insights and unconventional perspectives, equipping participants with invaluable knowledge to navigate the challenges and excel in their careers as software professionals.

23. 2020-2021

Name of the Event: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Date:9th&10th June 2021

No. of students participated:50

Design and analysis of algorithms workshop helped the students to design and analyze the logic on how the program work before developing the actual code.

24. 2020-2021

Name of the Event:Cloud Computing Marathon

Date:5th June 2021 (5 weeks)

No. of students participated: 30 (3rd year students)

Gained knowledge towards cloud computing and deploying applications on to cloud platform

25. 2020-2021

Name of the Event:Talk On Resume Writing And Interview Tips For Future It Professionals

Date: 15th May

No. of students participated:90 (2nd year students)

The talk on resume writing and interview tips for future IT professionals equipped participants with valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance their resumes and prepare effectively for interviews, increasing their chances of success in their IT careers

26. 2020-2021

Title: One Week AICTE-ATAL Online FDP on “Potential Research Avenues in
Computer Science and Biology”

Date: 9th to 23rd January 2021 at MCE,Hassan.

More than 170 participants have participated in this FDP.This FDP has provided a platform for researchers and academicians to share and exchange ideas on the various research topics in the fields such as Computer Vision, Data Science and Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, and Machine Learning.


27. 2020-2021

Name of the Event:An Crash Course On Fundamentals of Python 

Date:3rd – 6th May 2021

No. of students participated:120 (2nd year students)

The crash course on fundamentals of Python provided participants with a solid foundation in Python programming, equipping them with essential skills to start their journey in coding and enabling them to pursue diverse applications in the world of programming.

28. 2020-2021

Name of the Event:Hands on ARDUINO programming

Date:5th - 6th March 2021

No. of students participated:60 (1st  year students)

The event enabled participants to gain practical skills and experience in working with Arduino, empowering them to create innovative projects and explore the realm of physical computing.

29. 2020-2021

Name of the Event:Expert Talk On Role Of Software Developer

Date:5th February 2021

No. of students participated:50 (2nd year students)

The expert talk highlighted its crucial impact on modern industries, empowering participants to recognize its significance and leverage software development practices for achieving successful and efficient outcomes.

30. 2019-2020

Name of the Event: Mock Placement

Date:11th May 2020

No. of students participated: 1st,2nd and 3rd year students,MCE

This event effectively prepared participants for actual placement opportunities, enhancing their confidence and readiness to succeed in their professional careers.


31. 2019-2020

Name of the Event: Online Quiz-Coding Challenge

Date:24th  May 2020

No. of students participated: Technical students across Karnataka.

This event fostered a sense of curiosity and learning among participants, encouraging them to explore new areas of knowledge and strive for continuous personal growth.

32. 2019-2020

Name of the Event: Ideathon 20

Date:14th May, 2020

No. of students participated: 18 Teams Technical students across Karnataka.

Inspired participants to unleash their creativity and innovative thinking, resulting in the development of ground breaking ideas and solutions to address pressing challenges.

33. 2019-2020

Name of the event: Hackathon Covid’19

Date: 12th May 2020

No. of students participated: 16 Teams Technical students across Karnataka

The hackathon showcased the power of technology and collective effort in tackling global crises, inspiring participants to continue making a difference in the fight against Covid-19.

S.No Year Activities
1. 2022-2023

Name of the Event:“Leadership in the corporate world”

Date:21st November, 2022

The talk by Karthik Iyer had many takeaways that were essential to students who are the next budding corporates. It started by the expert explaining his personal goals and strategies being a leader-A people manager at Meta.

2. 2022-2023

Name of the Event:Industrial Visit to CYBERVERSE, MYSORE

Date:06th January 2023

Cyberverse Foundation, a Section 8 company, is an organization dedicated to building a robust cybersecurity ecosystem in India 

3. 2020-2021

Name: Interaction with Japanese Students


The interaction with Japanese students through the Study Interact Program facilitated cultural exchange and mutual learning, fostering international understanding and collaboration among participants.

S.No Year Activities
1. 2022-2023

Name of the Event:Orientation Programme

Date:21st  December 2022.


2. 2022-2023

Name of the Event:"White Board Activity"

Date: Every week

Conducted in the department every week and winner of the week is awarded. This activity is conducted to develop competitive mindset in students of the department.

3. 2022-2023

Name of the Event:Igniting Young Minds
Date: 17th August, 2023.

Event was organized for school students of Government Higher primary School , Ravindra Nagar, Hassan, on 17th August, 2023.
The event commenced with an inaugural address by Dr. Geetha Kiran A, the CEO of ME- RIISE FOUNDATION.
The objective of the event was to nurture and cultivate the idea of design thinking among young students

S.No Year Activities
1. 2022-2023

Name of the Event: World Earth Day – 28th April, 2023

Date:28th April, 2023

Earth day an annual celebration  was celebrated by Department of CSE in Association with ME-RIISE that raised awareness on the need to protect Earths natural resources for future generations

2. 2022-2023

Name of the Event: Sports Day Celebration

Date: 10th June 2023

Students from all the semesters participated in various sports events.This event was  celebrated with the aim of raising awareness about the values of sports such as discipline, perseverance, sportsman spirit and teamwork.

3. 2021-2022

Branch Sports Report 2021-22