Information Science and Engineering

Information Science and Engineering Activities

S.No Year Activities
1. 2023-2024

On September 16, 2023, a one-day workshop titled "Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security" was conducted, led by Dr. Usha B.R., a Professor in the Department of ISE at BMSIT Bengaluru, and Dr. Sangeetha K S, an Assistant Professor in the Department of ECE at JSS Academy of Technology Education Bengaluru.

2. 2022-2023

"Conversational Exploration of Career Avenues and Prospects in Data Analysis with Special Guest Speaker Mr. Saurav Dash, a Data Analyst at Jones Lang Lasalle Pvt Limited, on October 21, 2022."

3. 2022-2023

"A one-month summer internship program for 3rd-semester students, Conducted  by JV Global, is scheduled to take place from October 31, 2022, to November 19, 2022 "

4. 2022-2023

"On November 19, 2022, a webinar titled 'RPA in Industrial Management' featuring Mr. Navjot Singh Bhatia from Mercedes Benz Research and Development India, in association with the UiPath Academic Alliance (India & South Asia), was conducted."


5. 2022-2023

"Ms. Ananya Anand, currently pursuing her Master's degree in Data Science at Western Michigan University, presented an informative webinar on the 'Scope for Data Science' on October 21, 2022."

6. 2022-2023

"On December 3, 2022, Mr. Kiran CM, a Senior Software Engineer at Nagra Vision, delivered a tech-talk on Web Technology from an industry perspective."

7. 2022-2023

"On December 13, 2022, Dr. Raviprakash R Salagame, Consulting Partner at Autobotik Singapore, presented a webinar titled 'Application of Data Science and Analytics in Engineering' at the Malnad College of Engineering, Department of Information Science & Engineering."

8. 2022-2023

"From January 13, 2022, to January 16, 2022, Dr. Rekha P M, who serves as the Professor and Head of the Department of Information Science and Engineering at JSSATE, Bangalore, conducted a session on 'Practical Introduction to Cryptography and Cryptanalysis Scope Technology.'"

9. 2022-2023

"On January 31, 2023, Dr. Yogish H.K, a professor in the Department of Information Science and Engineering at MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, delivered a lecture on 'UNIX and Shell Programming.'"

S.No Year Activities
1. 2023-2024

The Industry Advisory Committee for the ISE department comprises members, with a meeting held on 24/06/2023. Details of the members are enclosed in the accompanying file.


2. 2023-2024

The Department of ISE offered a one-credit course focusing on mobile application development driven by industry standards, tailored for students in their seventh semester. More information about the course instructor and curriculum can be found in the accompanying file.

S.No Year Activities
1. 2022-2023

"Dr.Manjuanth, a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at BMS College of Engineering, addressed the topic of 'Placement and Training' at BMS Institute of Technology on October 31, 2023."

S.No Year Activities
1. 2022-2023

students and faculty participated in the program organized by the Swamy Vivekananda Youth Movement on February 8, 2023.